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Encryption New on Minds

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I’m incredibly excited to introduce to you a new product we’ve been working on– encrypted chat..

Security and privacy are fundamental to our civil liberties and,

The Dutch people are closing prisons in bulk as crime continues to drop

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Prisons across the Netherlands have been closing, en masse, as crime continues to drop throughout the country.

Internal documents released by The Telegraaf expressed that the country would be closing five prisons,

These cows party HARD after being locked indoors for 6 months

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And they really, really love it.

Most observers of this awesome video have said that it is likely they were kept indoors to protect them from the winter.

Scientists figure out how to turn CO2 gas into solid rock quickly and easily

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Scientists have broken through, finding a new study that supports the method of turning Carbon Dioxide gas into solid rock.

Called The Carbfix project,

Going to parties and being sober is the new, hot craze

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It’s the new thing, to go to a party and kick it, completely sober. People are finding that, not only are they waking up without a hangover,