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An ancient grass powers this revolutionary gluten-free American whiskey, storming the market

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You’ve probably heard of the sorghum plant, at some point. If you haven’t, you’re going to get a wake-up call.

This plant is awesome. It’s a grain, like wheat, but it’s gluten-free, because, it’s sorghum! This incredible plant lives in arid environments, unlike wheat or rye, and produces abundant amounts of sugar. The plant is rich in all sorts of nutrients (think Vitamin B3, protein, iron, fiber, and the list goes on…) and can help transform communities into thriving farmlands with little effort.

So, why is this not the most popular plant in the world?

It’s getting close. Chinese Baijiu is the world’s most popular alcoholic drink and is made with sorghum. The plant, itself, made its way into the United States in the 19th century and its value has become unchecked.

On top of the edible quality of the food, it can be transformed into ethanol biofuel, taking the place of corn. It can grow faster and live in harsher environments than corn and, if corn weren’t already planted all over the planet, would likely be the primary ethanol source.

Now, this ancient grass is being used to create an incredible new whisky. Its sugars and sustainable sourcing make it a perfect candidate. The market is young and the only thing stopping sorghum whisky from taking the lead is public awareness of this amazing crop.


One company is spearheading the movement with James FC Hyde Whisky. Now, running a crowdfunding campaign, the company is allowing people to get on board early with an investment, and join in reaping the rewards of a new model of whisky production. Not only is it unique in flavor, it is sustainably grown, with little impact on the environment, relative to it’s wheat and corn predecessors. The popularity of the plant is expected to increase each year, as more sorghum crops are being planted annually.